Abby Barras

Abby Barras is a PhD student in the School of Applied Social Science at the University of Brighton, with funding from the Brighton Doctoral College.Her PhD focuses on the participatory experiences of trans and/or non-binary people in every day sport in the UK. Abby's research is motivated by a lack of existing qualitative research in this area, which asks trans and/or non-binary people about their participatory experiences. If potential barriers are to be reduced and improved access to sport for all is to achieved, placing trans voices at the centre of this research is crucial. Abby holds a Masters degree in Gender Studies (with distinction) from the University of Sussex, and her other research interests include gender, sport, feminism, health inequalities and the body. She is also sea swimmer.

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Hostility to elite trans athletes is having a negative impact on participation in everyday sport

Two sport club chains in the UK were recently criticised over reports that they require trans people to show a gender recognition certificate before they can use their preferred changing room. An analysis by Huffington Post indicated that David Lloyd required trans members to show such a certificate, and...

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