8th February 2020

Athletics Canada statement regarding Dave Scott-Thomas Globe and Mail article

Athletics Canada acknowledges the deeply disturbing allegations in today’s Globe and Mail story concerning former athlete Megan Brown and her ex-coach Dave Scott-Thomas. After learning of these allegations from the University of Guelph’s investigation in late 2019/early 2020, Athletics Canada initiated a complaint into Mr. Scott-Thomas with its independent Commissioner’s Office. At the time the Athletics Canada complaint was initiated, the independent Commissioner’s Office provisionally suspended Mr. Scott-Thomas pending the outcome of the investigation.

It is important to note that no complaint was made against Mr. Scott-Thomas, to either Athletics Canada or it’s independent Commissioner’s Office, since the inception of the independent Commissioner’s Office in 2015. As the investigation into Mr. Scott-Thomas is an active investigation at this time, Athletics Canada will have no further involvement until such time as the independent Commissioner’s Office issues its findings and any recommended actions.

Athletics Canada views ethical conduct as a cornerstone in the fair administration of the sport of athletics. Everyone participating in athletics as an athlete, coach, integrated support team, administrator, volunteer or staff member is entitled to participate in an environment that is free of harassment or discrimination.

Athletics Canada is an acknowledged Canadian sport system leader in developing an extensive Code of Conduct and in having the first and only independent Commissioner’s function in a National Sport Organization in Canada. Athletics Canada believes the only way sport can eliminate misconduct is when athletes, parents, volunteers and club members across the country feel it is safe to report misconduct, without fear of reprisal. We encourage anyone in our sport who has a Safe Sport concern to look at our Safe Sport webpage at www.athletics.ca/safesport.

• This statement was published by Athletics Canada on 8 February 2020. Click here for the original.

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