27th January 2020

Alejandra Jimenez questions stanozolol AAF

New women’s super middleweight champion boxing Alejandra Jimenez has questioned an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for stanozolol, as her post fight test a day later was negative. Jimenez defeated Franchon Crews-Dezurn on 11 January to take the World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organisation (WBO) titles. She revealed on Twitter (see below) that she had retuned an AAF for stanozolol following a 10 January test. However, her post fight test on 11 January was negative.

Jimenez had signed up to be tested by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) on 9 December, ahead of the 11 January bout. The WBC said that it would ‘conduct an in-depth investigation into the circumstances that led to the adverse finding’ in a statement provided to FightNights.com. ‘Our job is to find justice for Franchon by working closely with the WBC and WBO in order to reinstate her as a world champion’, read a statement from Golden Boy Promotions, Crews-Dezurn’s promoter, published by the WBO.

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