16th December 2021

AIBA corruption continued until November 2021

Manipulation of boxing results continued up until the Belgrade 2021 World Boxing Championships in October/November this year, the third part of an investigation into corruption at the international boxing association (AIBA) has found. A Report (PDF below) found that because of continuing corruption, there was no trust in AIBA to investigate any complaints.

One witness told the McLaren Independent Investigation Team (MIIT) that he would be “dead” if he spoke out against corruption at the 2016 World Youth Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg. Attempts to corrupt results in exchange for cash were also discovered in relation to the Hamburg 2017 World Championships; and collision between judges was discovered at the Kielce 2021 World Youth Championships. 

The MIIT found that after the Belgrade Championships, changes in the AIBA leadership restored confidence in the organisation. However, a day after the Report was released, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) raised concerns about a new AIBA sponsorship deal with Gazprom, reports InsideTheGames. 

At an Extraordinary Congress today, AIBA changed its name from AIBA the International Boxing Association (IBA) and created a Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU), which will begin operation in 2022. “We could not have achieved this alone”, said Umar Kremlev, AIBA President, in a statement. “In preparing the measures approved by the members of IBA today, we have had the support of leading independent experts in sports integrity and in governance. And all of this has been made possible only with the help of resources provided by our General Partner, Gazprom.”

Kremlev was previously investigated by AIBA, due to claims that he had changed his name in an attempt to hide a criminal record. The MIIT Report details that the claims were dismissed in August 2019. ‘There is a genuine attempt at reform and progress has been made under Kremlev’s leadership’, it reads. The IBA has also pledged to fully implement the recommendations made in the MIIT Report.

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