12th December 2018

Adoption of a new recommendation for better governance in sport

How to promote good governance in sport? In a Recommendation adopted today, the Committee of Ministers invites European governments to take measures, aimed in particular at better fighting corruption in sport. In order to foster a culture of good governance at all levels, the 47 member States of the Council of Europe are encouraged to:

• apply a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption in sport;
• ensure that their national legislation effectively allows for investigation, prosecution and mutual legal assistance in cases of corruption offences in sport;
• ensure anti-money laundering and anti-corruption mechanisms are used to prevent and respond to cases in the field of sport;
• introduce compliance with good governance principles as criteria for the awarding of public grants to sports organisations and for sports events
• encourage the leaders of their national sport movement to comply with and actively promote good governance principles while acting within the framework of international sports organisations;
• encourage sports organisations to strengthen transparency and accountability, take good governance measures within their own regulations and procedures, and to achieve a balanced representation in the diversity of their members – including gender equality – within their decision-making processes
• encourage co-operation to address any kind of corruption in sport;
• prevent conflicts of interest within bodies – public or private – which are in charge of both elite sport performance and sport integrity, particularly as regards the fight against doping and the manipulation of sports competitions;
• make sure that whistle-blowers benefit from effective protection.

Full text of the Recommendation

• This media release was published by the Council of Europe (CoE) on 12 December 2018. Click here for the original.

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