8th September 2020

ADAK’s position on misrepresentation by Xinhuanet

On September 5, 2020 XinhuaNet a China based website ran an interesting piece titled “Kagongo ban highlights failure of Kenya’s anti-doping systems.” In the article the writer implies that the systems put in place in Kenya to curb the doping menace have failed. The writer further states that the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) is under-funded, ill-equipped and seems to be achieving little or nothing at all. The writer goes ahead and claims that since 2016 when ADAK was formed and given legal force to prosecute doping offenders, not a single case has been successfully prosecuted despite the rising number of banned athletes. The allegations laid out in the article are untrue, malicious and falsehoods aimed at tarnishing the repute of ADAK. ADAK responds as hereunder:

ADAK is a state Corporation, established through the Anti-Doping Act, 2016. Its mandate is to protect athletes’ fundamental rights to participate in doping free sport and thus promoting good health, fairness, and equality for athletes in Kenya. The Agency has various functions, key among them being undertaking Anti-Doping activities, ensuring the enforcement of the requisite Anti-Doping Regulations, creating awareness and implementing programs aimed at fighting doping, conducting Anti-Doping research and prosecuting Doping offences.

Since its establishment ADAK has reached out to over 83,851 athletes and athelete support personnel through various Anti-Doping education programs. This number includes children below 16 years who have benefited through the value-based education. These sessions are aimed at imparting Anti-Doping knowledge.

ADAK has also conducted over 4,200 tests on athletes. The tests are conducted on both national and international athletes.

ADAK has successfully prosecuted 147 Anti-Doping Rule Violation cases. Out of this 120 have been heard, determined and sanctions issued. There are 27 active cases. ADAK has collaborated with the Criminal Intelligence Systems in investigating, compiling and prosecution Anti-Doping criminal offences, including but not limited to trafficking and administration of prohibited substances. There are 5 active Anti-Doping criminal cases before the Kenyan law courts.

ADAK continues to be actively engaged in the war against doping in the country. It has partnered with other ADOs in reciprocal testing, joint investigations, and information sharing. This has led to effective prosecution of Anti-Doping Rule Violation cases.

It is therefore in bad taste, malevolent and misleading for any party to malign ADAK’s effort in the fight against doping in sport. ADAK has received tremendous support from the athletes, national federations, and the Kenyan government.

Kenya remains undeterred in the fight against doping in sport and ADAK continues to educate the public on the consequences of doping through our anti-doping education and awareness team, during the outreach sessions, workshops and value based activities as well as the online Anti-Doping e-learning Portal available on our website. Our Testing and Compliance team is also continuously collecting samples both in and out of competition from athletes for analysis as well as gathering intelligence and conducting investigation on suspected doping activities around the country.

ADAK reiterates its commitment in discharging its mandate. The enforcement of the World Anti-Doping Code shall continue, and the doping menace shall be defeated.

• This media release was published by the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) on 8 September 2020. Click here for the original.

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