16 April 2016

A timeline – The Bonar doping allegations



12 May 2016 – The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) issue an advisory note stating that the hearing against Dr Bonar (and his co-defendant Dr Trefzer) will resume on Friday 13 May, but the decision on the facts of the case are only expected to be handed down on Tuesday 17 May.

In concluding the evidence-finding stage, the MPTS Fitness to Practise Panel found that there was a case to answer in 20 of the allegations against Dr Bonar, including that he failed to take overall responsibility for a clinically ill patient’s care. The panel also refused an application on behalf of Dr Bonar to stay proceedings on account of insufficient evidence.

15 Apr 2016 – The MPTS say that the hearing against Dr Bonar has adjourned part-heard and that more time needs to be allocated for the remaining stages of the hearing and for the final decision.

14 Apr 2016 – Dr Bonar reportedly denies allegations that he gave a cancer patient false hope of recovery.

12 Apr 2016 – UKAD issues a statement saying that it does not have the names of any sportspeople who may have been treated by Dr Bonar other than Dan Stevens, the whistleblower in the investigation

 11 Apr 2016 – A Medical Practitioners Tribunal meets to hear a case of impairment by reason of misconduct against Dr Bonar. He is alleged to have failed to inform a patient with terminal cancer of the gravity of her illness so that he could continue charging her for treatment. The case is to be heard from 11 – 15 April.

5 Apr 2016 – Andy Ward, a former Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside, is appointed by the UKAD Board to lead an independent review into UKAD’s handling of intelligence in relation to Dr Mark Bonar.

4 Apr 2016 – UK government Culture Secretary, John Whittingdale, meets with UKAD over its alleged failure to stop Dr Mark Bonar, despite receiving evidence that he was prescribing performance enhancing drugs to elite athletes two years ago.

3 Apr 2016 – The Sunday Times publishes the results of an investigation claiming that Dr Mark Bonar had treated more than 150 sports stars, charging thousand of pounds for illicit drug programmes.

The Telegraph reveals that amateur cyclist Dan Stevens as the sportsperson who tipped off UKAD about Dr Bonar.

Dr Bonar tweets that The Sunday Times allegations are ‘false and very misleading’.

2 Apr 2016 – UKAD press release before The Sunday Times revelations, stressing that UKAD only has the power to investigate athletes and entourage (including medics) who are themselves governed by a sport

Oct 2014 – UKAD receives handwritten prescriptions from the same sportsperson, who UKAD says claimed to have been issued these prescriptions by Dr Bonar

April/May 2014 – UKAD investigates Dr Mark Bonar following interviews with a sportsperson, who were themselves under investigation and consequently suspended for a doping offence

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