15th October 2018

18th athlete sanctioned due to NZ Clenbuterol investigation

Kael McEnteer, a rugby league player with Victoria Hunters in the local Wellington Rugby League competition, has become the 18th athlete to be sanctioned as a result of investigations into who bought supplements from an illegal internet site. Thirteen of the sanctioned athletes competed in one of the two rugby codes.

Athletes sanctioned as a result of investigations into who bought supplements from NZ Clenbuterol…

‘This is another case arising from Medsafe’s investigation into an online steroid supplier called NZ Clenbuterol, which passed data to Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) relating to athletes who had purchased prohibited drugs online’, read a statement from the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand (STNZ). ‘Mr McEnteer was provisionally suspended without opposition on 14 September 2018. He admitted the violation, but said he purchased the product in the off-season to lose weight, not to enhance his sports performance. Mr McEnteer said he thought clenbuterol was a supplement product and was not aware it was a prohibited substance under the Sports Anti- Doping Rules.’

In an unusual resolution, the parties to the case filed a joint memorandum on 10 October proposing a backdated sanction from 14 September 2017, without the need for a hearing. ‘The presumptive two year period of ineligibility applied, and Mr McEnteer did not seek to further reduce the period of ineligibility’, continued the statement. ‘As with previous cases, it was proposed the period of commencement should be backdated, given his timely admission and some allowance for the investigation delays’.

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