23rd February 2017

Sports Integrity Briefs – 23 February 2017

• Argentinean cyclist Jorge Martín Montenegro has been issued with a one-year sanction after reporting an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for ephedrine last year, his cycling team announced. ‘The club has contacted the rider to hear his version of events, according to which the appearance of the substance within the doping control was caused by the use of a cream to treat boils, which listed the ingredient’, read a statement from the Club Ciclista Padronés Cortizo-Anova. ‘The rider takes full responsibility for what he considers a mistake and wishes to evade placing responsibility for his act upon the club. Because of the penalty, which will prevent the rider from competing again until 16 July 2017 and regardless of the explanations given by the rider, the club will automatically separate its team from any actions that the rider decides to pursue individually for his defence.’

• Ironman has issued age-group athlete Holly Balogh with a four-year sanction for an ‘intentional’ anti-doping rule violation (ADRV), after she tested positive for exogenous testosterone. ‘Through this investigation, IRONMAN confirmed that Ms. Balogh was aware of the inherent risks associated with her conduct and proceeded to knowingly take the prohibited substance’, read an Ironman statement. ‘Ms. Balogh initially exercised her right to appeal through the independent arbitration process administered by McLaren Global Sports Solutions under the IRONMAN Anti-Doping Rules. Following the presentation of evidence, she decided to withdraw her appeal and instead accept the sanction.’

European Athletics has confirmed that Mariya Savinova could lose her 2011 European Athlete of the Year award and her coach, Vladimir Kazarin, could lose his 2010 European Athletics Coaching Award, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld a four-year sanction against Savinova. ‘These cases will now be included in an ongoing review of the integrity of all past European Athletes of the Year and the winners of other European Athletics awards and honours’, read a statement from European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen. ‘It is expected that recommendations for action will be discussed by the European Athletics Council when it meets in Paris from 28-30 April’.

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