30th July 2015

Puerto Rican volleyball player reports AAF at Toronto 2015

Sheila Ocasio, a member of the Puerto Rican volleyball team that finished fourth at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, has tested positive for stanozolol, according to media reports. ‘I have been notified of an adverse analytical finding in a doping test’, said Ocasio in a statement reported by El Nevoida. ‘My career as an athlete was clean and I assure you I have never used any banned substance to improve my performance. At the moment, I find myself analysing the situation with my legal representative Ricardo Carrillo. At the beginning of the year, I underwent medical treatment for injuries and other conditions. Together with my lawyer and experts in this field, we will discuss the medical condition and the ingredients of the supplements I have used.’

The positive brings the total number of athletes that have reported adverse analytical findings at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games to 16. Eleven of those have been confirmed by the Pan American Sports Organisation, and the remaining five have either been confirmed by the national olympic committee (NOC) or international federation (IF) concerned. The Sports Integrity Initiative table above only includes AAFs that have either been confirmed by PASO, or by the NOC or IF concerned.

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