30th January 2020

Public Statement of Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association (TAWA) on Resignation of President

On January 2020, the German TV ARD Program broadcast an interview show of Ms. Rattikan Gulnoi (newly named; Ms. Siripuch Gulnoi), the 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist of Weightlifting; that was filmed by hidden camera. She was personal to share with her own thoughts by telling about doping abuse in Thailand’s weightlifting regardless of realization of proven truth.

In fact that she was cheated with fake status of the journalist who had neither identified his real name nor shown his real profession; moreover, she was tamed by him that he was Manager of German Weightlifting Team willingly to deal business with her by being trained at this gym where Ms.Gulnoi worked then she would be paid a sum of money monthly basis. Whilst conversation making at two parties Ms. Gulnoi was not aware of being filmed by the TV journalist at all.

She confessed that she was excitingly at that moment focusing such a sale talk what as much as she could with target to sell her full-course product to him with lack of any consciousness to manage her own capability to know what based in fact or not. The information is for example mentioned to lifters aged 13 in national camp of Thailand who used prohibited substances. It’s true that there was doping scandal in Thailand’s weightlifting in year of 2011 that doping athletes from provincial member clubs were duly sanctioned together with their coach by Thai Amateur Weightlifting Associate(‘ (TAWA) and Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

The film as seen some were not continuously streamed such manipulated shots locked alike was then presented to the IOC Executive Board Meeting on 8th January 2020 that destroys our country’s reputation and image dramatically. Code of ethics as well as good governance in sport are in principle upheld as usual by TAWA Executive Board. What matters most of us how to protect this national sport with our beloved country – Thailand; therefore, Members of the TAWA Executive Board all agree with full accountability to resign effective from 30 January 2020.

Mrs. Boossaba Yodbangtoey
President of Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association

• This statement was published by the Thai Amateur Weightlifting Federation (TAWA) on 30 January. Click here for the original.

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