10th February 2020

Leaked CAF Report highlights financial irregularities

A joint FIFA and Confederation of African Football (CAF) Taskforce is keen to investigate a number of financial transactions carried out by the CAF, after an audit highlighted areas of concern, reports the BBC. It is reported that the Taskforce is considering extending the scope of the audit to include 2013/14, and also the lack of documentation relating to financial transactions prior to 2015. Areas of concern are understood to include:

• Financial payments made between the CAF and French marketing company Lagardere;
• Payments made by the FIFA Forward development fund and the CAF to Africa’s 54 member associations and six zonal unions;
• Allegations of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds linked to the CAF Centre of Excellence in Mbankomo, Cameroon;
• Alleged fraudulent bank transfers.

It is understood that the findings of the audit, contained in a 55 page Report compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), highlight a number of irregular payments, including funeral expenses. It is understood that another area of concern highlighted in the Report is the CAF’s dealings with French company Tactical Steel. 

The deal with the French company is not mentioned on the CAF’s internet site, but is understood to have been agreed shortly after Ahmad Ahmad became CAF President in 2017. Ahmad’s personal aide, Loic Gerand, is an old friend of Romuald Seiller, the owner of Tactical Steel, reports the BBC. Ahmad is currently subject to an investigation by French authorities, which is also being monitored by FIFA’s Ethics Committee.

‘The structural changes undertaken by CAF will not be derailed by misleading reports in some media’, read a CAF statement. ‘The CAF Executive Committee reserves the right to prosecute all authors of false and unsubstantiated claims in the media and social networks’.

The statement outlined that a meeting had been scheduled for 14 February to implement recommended structural changes into the 2020/2021 CAF Roadmap. The statement admitted that ’30 years of an outdated and patriarchal management at CAF have resulted in important shortcomings at all levels of operations […] It would not be realistic to pretend that those structural changes can all take place in a matter of weeks. Rather, the Executive Committee is fully committed to achieving this ambition during its tenure.’

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