Uncategorized 7th November 2014

Korea & NZ donate to Anti-Doping Research Fund

The Republic of Korea and New Zealand hav become the latest countries to donate to a joint International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) project designed to raise US$20 million for anti-doping research, WADA announced. In December 2013, the IOC pledged to invest $10 million in anti-doping research, and invited ‘governments represented in the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)’ to match this amount.

In a 5 November release, WADA said that Korea had ‘initially contributed KRW200 million [around $180,000]’, but had ‘committed to providing an eventual total fund of US$500,000’. In a 7 November release, WADA said that New Zealand has agreed to donate $20,000 to the fund. Korea and New Zealand represent the fifth and sixth countries to offer their financial commitment to the fund following the decisions of Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia and the USA to offer support.

Governments have until 16 November to make commitments to contributions that will help raise the total research fund for the joint IOC / WADA initiative to $20 million. Korea and New Zealand’s commitment brings government investment in the IOC initiative to $8.27 million, not far short of WADA’s $10 million government funding target. WADA’s President, Sir Craig Reedie, expressed his thanks to both countries in the respective media releases.

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