Press releases 3rd December 2015

Jérôme Champagne Statement on FIFA reform proposals


I expressed my satisfaction regarding the principles of the reforms adopted today by the FIFA Executive Committee in Zurich since they clearly constitute positive steps towards re-building FIFA.

A lot of the principles and ideas contained in these reforms have been defended consistently and for a long time in my contributions sent to the 209 FIFA member associations in 2012 and 2013, in my successive monthly letters in 2014 as well as in the platform I sent to the 209 FAs on 23 October 2015 to introduce my candidacy for the 2016 presidential election.

I take note of the following concepts and measures:

• Geographical rebalancing of the Executive Committee seats to ensure fairer representation with non-European continents with 75% of the seats in the future vs. 66% only today

• More participation of women at top level with the same principle at all levels of the football pyramid

• Separation of FIFA governmental functions from its commercial activities

• Adoption of the best practices in terms of governance, ethics and compliance

• Elections to the FIFA Council to be organized under the supervision and control of FIFA even if they take place at confederations congresses

• Revival of the debates among the FAs during FIFA congresses to better serve the needs of FIFA members with the concept of “annual conferences”

• Disclosure of compensation, etc.

Regarding the inclusion of players, clubs and leagues to the decision making process within FIFA, I consider that the creation of a “stakeholders’ committee” is a good step forward but I will still defend their presence at the table of the future FIFA Council additionally.

Regarding a possible “advisory committee,” I welcome all the efforts to still pursue the concept – as I have proposed – with football persons and independent non-football persons.

I also welcome heartily the introduction of words and expressions such as “tone at the top,” humility, human rights as well as all the “universal principles for confederations and member associations” in the various slides presented today to the FIFA Executive Committee by Dr Carrard.

A lot still has to be accomplished to implement these projects, reforms, principles, and to give them life. Notwithstanding the other fundamental issues football faces today, such as closing the growing imbalances affecting the game, the need to increase development programs and rebuilding a strong, proactive FIFA.

Jérôme Champagne

Zurich, 3 December 2015.

• This media release was released on Twitter by Jérôme Champagne on 3 December 2015. To access the original, please click here.


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