6th November 2018

European Leagues Statement

The European Leagues note the ongoing rumours and speculations around the possible creation of a European Super League by the big European professional clubs. The Association of European Leagues has consistently voiced its strong opposition to the creation of any “closed and franchised style” Super League.

The Leagues supports the European sports model based on a pyramid structure where the mechanisms of promotion and relegation and the sporting merits of clubs are at the core of any competition. Domestic football is at the heart of the game throughout Europe for all football stakeholders: players, clubs, leagues, national associations and, more importantly, fans.

Proposals for a closed Super League will have serious and lasting implications for the long term sustainability of professional football in Europe. Within this context, the European Leagues fully supports UEFA in the management and organization of European Club Competitions and shares with UEFA the common principle of protecting and enhancing competitive balance in European football.

• This media release was published by the European Leagues on 6 November 2018. Click here for the original.

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