19th July 2018

Two Bolivian athletes test positive at 2018 South American Games

A Bolivian silver and bronze medal winner at the 2018 South American Games in Cochabamba, Bolivia, have reportedly returned adverse analytical findings (AAFs) for prohibited substances. Carolina Ocampo, who helped the Bolivian 4x100m team win silver, returned an AAF for acetazolamide, reported Diez.bo. The 19 year old told the internet site that she had taken pills that she was told were similar to ‘sorojchi pills’, which are commonly used to combat altitude sickness in Latin America. 

Acetazolamide, listed as a diuretic and masking agent under section S5 of the 2018 Prohibited List, is an active ingredient in some altitude sickness medications. Cochabamba, where the 2018 South American Games took place from 26 May to 8 June, is over 2,500m above sea level. 

It is understood that Ocampo has not asked for her B sample to be opened, which means it will be deemed that she accepts the AAF, or positive test, when her case is considered. She will face a four year ban, unless she can show that her use was inadvertent. As well as losing her first international medal, her three teammates in the 4x100m relay – Avila Danitza, Alinny Delgadillo and Guadalupe Torrez – will lose their medals if an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) is confirmed.

Rodrigo Carvajal, who won a bronze medal in the 91kg heavyweight boxing division, was not able to explain his AAF. However, he told Diez.bo that he had taken a substance to combat the cold climate. The Bolivian Ministry of Sport told Los Tiempos that any medal winners convicted of a doping offence must return prize money it paid out to them.

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