11th August 2017

Sport Ireland focuses on blood testing during Olympic year

Tests conducted by Sport Ireland for sport

A focus on increased blood testing during the 2016 Rio Olympic year has led to an overall decrease in the number of tests conducted by Sport Ireland, due to the cost of conducting blood tests. Sport Ireland’s testing costs rose from €800,500 during 2015 to €937,400 during 2016, however the total number of tests fell from 1,028 during 2015 to 1,003 during 2016. The number of blood tests increased by 10% from 295 during 2015 to 326 for 2016; however the number of urine tests decreased from 733 during 2015 to 677 in 2016.

As well as shifting its focus to blood, Sport Ireland appears to be concentrating on testing athletes outside of competition (OOC), with 822 tests in 2016 compared to 181 taken in competition (IC). In 2015, it conducted 782 tests OOC, compared to 246 IC, a comparison between Sport Ireland’s 2015 and 2016 Anti-Doping Reviews revealed.

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