23rd October 2017

MMA fighter sues supplement companies

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Lyman Good has launched legal action against the manufacturers of two supplements, after the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) found that his positive test was caused by contamination, and sanctioned him with a six month ban. Good has launched two lawsuits, reports SecuringIndustry. The first is against Gaspari Nutrition, which manufactures Anavite, and the second is against Millennium Sport Technologies, which manufactures Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA. Good alleges that both intentionally adulterated the named supplements with prohibited substances that were not included on the ingredient labels.

‘Following notification of his positive test, Good provided USADA with information about a dietary supplement product he was using at the time of the relevant sample collection’, reads his USADA sanctioning statement. ‘Although no prohibited substances were listed on the supplement label, testing conducted on an independently sourced, unopened container of the product by the WADA-accredited laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah, indicated that it contained 1-androstenedione.’

In April, shortly following the announcement of Good’s sanction, USADA announced that: ‘laboratory testing conducted by a World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory found that a Gaspari Nutrition supplement called Anavite contained anabolic agents. The supplement, which was marketed as a multi-vitamin, has since been added to USADA’s High Risk List (HRL) of supplements, making it the second Gaspari Nutrition product on the list. In addition to having a product on USADA’s HRL since 2014, Gaspari Nutrition has received numerous warning letters from the FDA in the past citing that their products are adulterated with ingredients that can cause serious adverse health events.’

Anavite ingredients listed on the Gaspari Nutrition internet site…

However, despite this, a list of Anavite ingredients published on the Gaspari Nutrition website does not mention 1-androstenedione as an ingredient. Earlier this month, Japan’s Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) also issued a warning about Anavite, after a swimmer tested positive at the National Sports Festival.

Millennium Sport Technologies lists Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA as ‘Banned Substance Free’ on its internet site. It also states that the supplement is not ‘banned by any sport sanctioning body’, and does not list any prohibited substances in its list of ingredients. Good’s lawsuit alleges that Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA also contains 1-androstenedione. Good is claiming damages due to his six month ban, and also due to the cancellation of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bout against Belal Muhammad in New York at UFC 205.

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