12th October 2017

A-League & FFA reach stalemate over expansion of FFA Congress

The Hyundai A-League has threatened legal action against the Football Federation Australia (FFA) if it proceeds with a 1 November extraordinary general meeting (EGM), reports the Daily Telegraph. It is understood that the A-League, backed by Australia’s Professional Footballers Association (PFA), is concerned that the new FFA Congress governance structure proposed by current FFA Congress members retains the existing power structure.

The current Congress is made up of 10 members, which includes the nine regional football federations and a representative of the A-League clubs. The FFA argues that it needs 75% of the current members to vote in favour of a resolution. As such, the nine member associations advised the FFA of their support for a 9:4:1:1 Congress model in September. Under this model, the A-League clubs would provide four members and the PFA and women’s football would provide one member, taking total numbers to 15.

The A-League and the PFA want six club members on the FFA Congress, increasing total numbers to 16. The current stalemate suggests that FIFA intervention is increasingly likely.

‘As has been well publicised, FIFA and AFC have given FFA a deadline of November 30 to achieve an expanded Congress’, said the FFA in a statement. ‘Although everyone supports expansion of the Congress and despite discussion over many months and talks facilitated by FIFA and AFC in August, FFA’s stakeholders have not reached an unanimous position over the model for change’.

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