12th August 2016

Kenya sends second athletics official home

Kenya has sent sprint coach John Anzrah home after he reportedly gave a doping test whilst wearing Ferguson Rotich’s Olympic pass, which the 800m medal hope had allegedly lent him to he could get a free breakfast. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) told The PA that it had opened investigations into the matter. It is understood that when Rotich found out that Anzrah had given the samples and signed the paperwork, he went to the doping control officer (DCO) and gave both urine and blood samples.

It is understood that Ferguson Rotich is not related to head of the Kenyan athletics delegation in Rio Michael Rotich, who was yesterday placed under police custody upon his arrival back into Kenya. Michael Rotich was sent home after an undercover investigation by ARD/Sunday Times in which he accepts an offer of money to provide advance notice of when doping tests are due to take place. He said he is privy to that information by virtue of being friends with two British DCOs operating in Kenya.

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) sent two investigators to Kenya ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics to investigate previous claims by three Kenyan doctors to have supplied erythropoietin (EPO) to three British athletes, one of whom is understood to be high profile. UKAD does not comment on ongoing investigations.

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