News 15th February 2017

ITF 2016 testing: urine in competition, blood out of competition

ITFdopingTests2016The International Tennis Federation (ITF) conducted almost 5,000 doping tests on its players during 2016, 466 more than in 2015, recently published testing figures reveal. It appears that the ITF relies on urine testing in-competition, but focuses on blood testing out of competition – a strategy it also adopted during 2015. The number of out of competition blood tests it conducted during 2016 was just 81 tests shy of the 1,108 in-competition urine tests conducted during 2016.

This year’s figure of 4,899 tests represents a 142.8% increase on the 2,018 tests the ITF conducted in 2008. Testing remained fairly static from 2008 to the 2,185 tests the ITF conducted in 2012. The number of tests the ITF conducted then began to rise by between 466 and 904 tests, as our chart above shows. Rough figures on the number of tests the ITF performed on each individual player are available here, but a detailed breakdown is not available.

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