12th October 2017

IFBB to establish alternative US body

A new national federation is being set up to replace the USA’s National Physique Committee (NPC) as the national association recognised by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). The IFBB suspended the NPC over a disagreement over judging at the Mr. Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, 13-14 September, and the NPC ‘unaffiliated’ itself from the IFBB on 18 September.

The NPC was suspended due to an “invasion of the NPC into the international activities”, said Dr. Rafael Santonja, IFBB President, in a video (below). “The athletes were judged by officials that didn’t have the proper international referee accreditation”.

“We noticed that the NPC was having activities in other countries without the permission of the national federations”, continued Dr. Santonja. “As well as accepting athletes – even suspended athletes – in their national activities”. Dr. Santonja indicates that he would like this to be set up in advance of the 2019 Pan American Olympic Games in Lima, which includes bodybuilding as a sport.

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