6th November 2017

FIVB accepts that furosemide AAF was due to contamination

Murilo Endres has been sanctioned with an eight month ban, after the international volleyball federation (FIVB) accepted that his 10 April adverse analytical finding (AAF) for furosemide was caused by a contaminated supplement. It is understood that the Brazilian volleyball player was able to prove that supplements he was using had been contaminated by the diuretic.

Sesi SP Vôlei announced that Endres has been permitted to return to training in the above Twitter post. ‘Proof of contamination leaves me with a clear conscience that I have never done – and will never do – anything to gain an unfair advantage’, wrote Endres on Twitter. Endres won silver medals at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics, but it is understood that injury problems meant that he was not selected for the Rio 2016 Olympic team.

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