8th September 2017

City Football Group consider legal action over LFP comments

Manchester City’s owners, City Football Group (CFG), is considering legal action after Javier Tebas, President of Spain’s professional football league (LFP), continued to suggests that the Premier League club is breaking UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) Regulations. “What happens when money comes into PSG and Manchester City?” he asked delegates at the Soccerex convention in Manchester. “Inflation of wages. It’s not just in football, this happens everywhere:  more money drives prices. And when it happens in our league, Real Madrid and Barcelona say, ‘We need more money then’, because they have to keep up with the levels of spending elsewhere…Our clubs are growing at normal level, they don’t have financial doping. There is a risk when you have nations putting money into football.”

“As you would expect, Manchester City Football Club and the City Football Group are seeking appropriate legal counsel and will act accordingly on that advice”, CFG told the BBC. Following the transfer of Neymar from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Tebas said that the LFP would petition UEFA to prevent ‘financial doping’. On 4 September, the LFP revealed that it had written to UEFA in separate letters on 22 August asking it to investigate both City and PSG.

“PSG is a habitual offender and has been violating UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations for years”, said Tebas in a statement. “PSG and Man City’s funding by state-aid distorts European competitions and creates an inflationary spiral that is irreparably harming the football industry. UEFA must enforce FFP regulations to avoid discrimination among clubs.”

Tebas expanded on this theme at Soccerex yesterday. “It is like we have caught PSG peeing in the swimming pool”, he said. “And now Neymar, he is standing on the diving board and peeing in”.

The French football league (LFP) criticised Tebas’s comments. ‘The LFP strongly condemns the insulting remarks made today by the President of La Liga, Javier Tebas’, read a statement. ‘These statements do not live up to the standards of a respectable and efficient institution such as the Spanish La Liga’.

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