15th November 2016

AFC sanctions Al Nasr & Wanderley Santos over fake passport

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) sanctioned Al Nasr and Wanderley Santos for the use of a fake passport, a violation of Article 62 of the AFC Disciplinary Code. The AFC has ordered Al Nasr to return the US$340,000 it earned from the AFC Champions League 2016; has issued the club with a US$50,000 fine and has excluded Al Nasr from the AFC Champions League 2018 – a sentence that has been suspended for a two-year probationary period. Wanderley Santos has been issued with a three-month suspension and a US$10,000 fine.

Under AFC rules introduced in 2009 (Rule 33.1 of the AFC Champions League Competition Regulations), clubs are only allowed to register three foreign players, plus ‘one additional non-citizen or foreign participating player who has the nationality of a member association’. In September, the AFC found that Santos, a Brazilian, had been playing for Al Nasr using a fake Indonesian passport in an attempt to get around this rule. On August 11 at 03:13GMT, his nationality was changed on Wikipedia from Brazilian to Indonesian.

‘The Committee concluded that Al Nasr (UAE) bore the majority of the fault for the violation, having deliberately obtained an Indonesian passport for the purpose of circumventing the ‘3+1’ rule, and that its employees were not truthful in their collaboration with the AFC’, read an AFC statement. Wanderley’s suspension will run from 2 September 2016, expiring on 1 December. The club posted a ‘welcome back Wanderley’ tweet shortly after the ruling.


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