Timelines 31st December 2016

2016: A Sports Integrity Timeline…

It has been a truly remarkable year. A year ago, who would have wagered that we would be familiar with Fancy Bears, be debating the benefits of kenacort and fluimucil, as well as whether meldonium has a performance-enhancing effect? This article is intended to set out some of the major developments in sports integrity, rather than list analysis or features. In itself, the sheer number of important developments is staggering.

Of course, this year The Sports Integrity Initiative has also highlighted the unfair treatment meted out to Mamadou Sakho; has highlighted potential ignorance of an overdue payable owed by Rangers; has highlighted how the IOC’s position on Russia and WADA’s position on meldonium have combined to create chaos and much, much more. Please stay tuned in the New Year for further analysis of the sports integrity issues that matter.

04.01.2016 :

SeppeltNewThe International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) instruct lawyers to warn journalist Hajo Seppelt not to publish a 2013 emails sent by Nick Davies, when he was IAAF Director of Communications. Davies is provisionally suspended by the IAAF in June. He later admits accepting payments from Papa Massata Diack, son of former IAAF President Lamine Diack. He is provisionally suspended by the IAAF Ethics Board in December.

07.01.2016 :

The IAAF bans three officials for life for extorting money from Liliya Shobukhova to cover up doping violations for over three years. The three officials later file appeals.ShobukhovaCorrect2

11.01.2016 :

The Court of Arbitration for Sport upholds WADA’s appeal against the Australian Football League’s (AFL) decision to clear 34 Essendon players of violating AFL anti-doping rules. A campaign later alleges flaws in the judgment.EssendonTimeline

13.01.2016 :

FIFA dismisses former General Secretary Jérôme Valcke ahead of Ethics Committee hearing. Dismissal understood to be due to involvement in a 2014 FIFA World Cup ticket fraud scheme, as well as alleged involvement in a US$10 million payment to Jack Warner in connection to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. FIFA has earlier recommended a nine-year ban. Valcke is banned for 12 years, later reduced to 10. FIFA later publishes the results of its investigation into the issue, after which KPMG quit as FIFA auditor.

13.01.2016 :

IAAF letters show that it had concerns about Russian doping in 2009. The IAAF argues that only a small number of officials were involved with the alleged corruption.

15.01.2016 :

The Independent Commission (IC) appointed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) finds that senior IAAF staff were aware of corruption involving delaying the announcement of positive Russian doping tests, in Part Two of its Report.CYLKbA7WcAAZwPG.jpg-large

15.01.2016 :

Responses to Part Two of the WADA Independent Commission (IC) Report are issued by Michael Ashenden & Robin Parisotto.

18.01.2016 :

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) bans Ajit Chandila for life and Hiken Shah for five years for involvement in match-fixing.BCCI

25.01.2016 :

AdidasAdidas says it will end its sponsorship of the IAAF early, following allegations that senior IAAF staff were aware of corruption in Part Two of the Independent Commission report. It ended its deal, which was due to expire in 2019 on 2 December, four years early. A day later, the IAAF announced Asics as a replacement sponsor.

27.01.2016 :

Tennis announces Independent Review of its integrity processes, in response to allegations that it failed to fully investigate reports of match-fixing. The terms of reference were announced in February. A huge increase in the number of suspicious alerts reported to tennis authorities is revealed at a Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Committee hearing of the UK Parliament at the end of February.

29.01.2016 :

Sebastian Coe, President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), faces questions over whether he knew about allegations of corruption in connection to the 2017 IAAF World Championships. Ed Warner, Chairman of UK Athletics, earlier claimed that an unnamed IAAF official had told him he had seen ‘brown envelopes’ being given to IAAF Council members by Qatari officials. The IAAF Ethics Commission layer states that it does not have enough evidence to open a formal investigation. In November, new allegations emerge linking Qatari payments to Papa Massata Diack. SebCoe

01.02.2016 :

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) confirms it is investigating its first case of ‘technological fraud’, otherwise known as motorised doping. It later defends its testing methods after further allegations of motor use. Femke Van den Dreissche is later sanctioned with a six-year ban for use of a motor.

02.02.2016 :

Investigative report alleges that match-fixing in tennis has been systemic for over a decade.

05.02.2016 :

IAAF confirms it is investigating 1995 letter from ten Chinese runners alleging that former Olympic coach Ma Junren forced them to dope.MaJunrenMMedit

08.02.2016 :

Ex-FIFA official jailed for seven years for conspiring with former FIFA Vice President, Jeffrey Webb, to steal money from the Cayman Islands government. FIFA bans Jeffrey Webb for life on 9 September.

09.02.2016 :

German football association (DFB) launches legal proceedings over allegations concerning a €6.7 million corrupt payment in relation to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. A DFB-commissioned report later finds no evidence that the DFB bought votes during its campaign to host the tournament. FIFA opens formal proceedings in March. Swiss authorities raid homes in September as part of its own investigation into the payment.

10.02.2016 :

Tennis authorities confirm that they have disqualified two corrupt umpires, after a newspaper investigation uncovered the bans and found that four more umpires are facing bans for delaying the reporting of points on the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) Futures Tournament.

11.02.2016 :

WADA confirms it is investigating allegations that Athletics Kenya attempted to bribe athletes for reductions of their doping suspensions. IAAF suspends Isaac Mwangi, CEO of Athletics Kenya on 22 February. His appeal against suspension is later dismissed.

11.02.2016 :

The IAAF says it was unaware of an attempt by Papa Massata Diack to secure a representation contract for Stuttgart’s bid to host the 2006 IAAF Athletics World Cup by urging the city to offer cash payments, luxury watches, gifts and entertainment to IAAF officials.Diack - alleged spelt correctly

12.02.2016 :

Kenya placed on WADA watchlist for failing to set up national anti-doping organisation. On 23 February, WADA deems that a draft Kenyan anti-doping Bill fails to meet its requirements. On 13 May, the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) is declared non-compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.

16.02.2016 :

Match-fixing confirmed in Dutch football.

17.02.2016 :

Major League Baseball (MLB) issues its first life ban for doping.

17.02.2016 :

FIFA sanctions DFB’s Franz Beckenbauer for failing to cooperate with Ethics Committee investigation into 2018/2022 World Cup.

26.02.2016 :

FIFA Congress votes through reform proposals; Gianni Infantino confirmed as FIFA’s new President. Salary agreed in September.FIFAGianni

02.03.2016 :

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides that a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Anti-Doping Division will handle Rio 2016 Olympic doping cases.

02.03.2016 :

Michel Platini appeals FIFA’s decision to ban him for six years over acceptance of a ‘corrupt payment’. Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter files a similar appeal on 17 March. Platini’s suspension was later lowered to four years by the CAS, however Blatter’s appeal was dismissed by the CAS.Michel Platini

02.03.2016 :

French prosecutors widen corruption investigation into IAAF to include bidding and voting process for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. Further details are available here. Japan later appoints panel to investigate alleged payments, which later clears Japanese officials of any criminal offence.

02.03.2016 :

IOC confirms Transgender Guidelines will be in place for Rio 2016. Analysis of the motives behind the regulations.

07.03.2016 :

IAAF to investigate new ARD allegations that banned coaches are continuing to operate in Russia and are supplying athletes with prohibited substances.

08.03.2016 :

Maria Sharapova provisionally suspended after testing positive for meldonium. Sponsors immediately begin terminating their relationship with the tennis star. She is banned for two years by the ITF in June, but announces appeal, filed in June. The CAS reduces her sanction to 15 months.Sharapovaquote

15.03.2016 :

Authors of 2011 study into the prevalence of doping in athletics accuse the IAAF of giving ‘contradictory’ and ‘untrue’ statements to the CMS Committee of the UK Parliament.

15.03.2016 :

FIFA bans South African officials over friendly matches organised ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. It later issues lengthy bans for other African football officials in connection to the allegations.

16.03.2016 :

IOC confirms it will retest samples given at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics using testing methods not available at the time. It later confirms that 31 athletes could be banned from Rio as a result of Beijing 2008 retests, and 23 athletes from London 2012 could be banned. A second wave of reanalysis identifies banned substances in 45 more athletes. Four athletes are disqualified by the IOC in August; Yulia Chermoshanskaya is also sanctioned in August; two athletes are sanctioned followed by six more in September. Four more athletes are sanctioned on 13 September; two more are sanctioned by the IOC on 18 October; eight and nine more are sanctioned on 27 October. Sixteen more athletes were sanctioned by the IOC on 17 November; seven more on 25 November;

16.03.2016 :

FIFA lodges documents with US authorities in attempt to reclaim money defrauded by corrupt officials. Its legal fees for 2015 almost double.

18.03.2016 :

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) may have manipulated doping test figures over a number of years.

23.03.2016 :

The international swimming federation (FINA) pledges to investigate allegations of systemic Russian doping. WADA also pledges that it will investigate. Both also pledge to investigate similar allegations concerning China. FINA later named two of the six Chinese swimmers concerned. It is later alleged that the Russian swimming federation was offered a deal to cover up Russian positives.FINA

03.04.2016 :









Dr. Mark Bonar agrees to supply prohibited substances to Olympic runner in Sunday Times investigation. UKAD and CMS Committee say they will investigate his claims that he has supplied over 150 athletes. Andy Ward appointed to lead UKAD investigation. The CMS committee later announce that they will interview Dan Stevens, Jonathan Calvert and David Kenworthy over the allegations. UKAD later admits failings in its handling of the case, and is later questioned by the CMS Committee. An Independent Review later finds that UKAD should have passed the allegations about Dr. Bonar on to the General Medical Council.

06.04.2016 :

Hein Verbruggen files complaint with IOC Ethics Commission. WADA ask Verbruggen to retract it.

06.04.2016 :

Swiss authorities confirm investigation into UEFA’s links with Cross Trading.

13.04.2016 :

WADA issues guidance to anti-doping organisations (ADOs) on how they should proceed with sanctioning athletes who have returned an adverse analytical finding for meldonium. Over 3,600 athletes tested positive for meldonium in 2015, the year before it was added to WADA’s Prohibited List. The guidance is later updated.

22.04.2017 :

FIFA creates oversight body for FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar stadium workers. BWI signs deal with Qatar in November to inspect worker conditions on 2022 World Cup sites. QatarWorkers

27.04.2016 :

British Cycling confirms investigation into allegations of sexism & discrimination by its Technical Director, Shane Sutton, who immediately steps down from his post. Jess Varnish launches appeal after being informed of British Cycling’s findings in December.JessVarnish

28.04.2016 :

WADA publishes 2014 anti-doping rule violations (ADRV) report.

04.05.2016 :

French financial prosecutor confirms investigation into French tennis federation over alleged illegal ticketing scheme.

09.05.2016 :

WADAprofiles_GRodchenkovDr. Grigory Rodchenkov alleges that four of 14 golds won by Russia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics were won by Russians on steroids. Further details are here. WADA confirms investigation on 17 May; and Russia confirms investigation on 19 May. WADA names Richard McLaren as ‘Independent Person’ to lead investigation on 19 May. Russia attempts to put Rodchenkov at centre of illegal trade in prohibited substances.

16.05.2016 :

British Horseracing Authority (BHA) may have to quash a number of disciplinary rulings over an alleged conflict of interest. The BHA implements an integrity review following Jim Best’s appeal, and later denies any conflict of interest. Best is later given a shorter sanction in a rehearing of his case.

16.05.2016 :

Domenico Scala resigns from FIFA’s Ethics Committee, complaining that changes introduced by the FIFA Council erode its independence.

07.06.2016 :

Claudia Pechstein says she will appeal after a German court rules it doesn’t have jurisdiction to hear her case. Pechstein2

09.06.2016 :

New ARD documentary alleges that systemic doping is continuing in Russia.

13.06.2016 :

Colombian police arrest sports doping kingpin, Alberto Beltrán Niño.

14.06.2016 :

Madrid court rules Operación Puerto blood bags should be handed over to anti-doping authorities for investigation. WADA acknowledges the decision, but does not receive the blood bags until July.

15.06.2016 :

Russia adopts amendments to criminal code criminalising the supply of doping substances in sport. Approved by State Duma in November.

15.06.2016 :

WADA report shows serious issues remain with testing athletes in Russia.

16.06.2016 :

BBC Panorama documentary alleges Sebastian Coe accepted advice from Papa Massata Diack on his successful campaign to be elected as President of the IAAF. IAAF denies any wrongdoing.

17.06.2016 :

IAAF Council rules that the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) has not met the conditions for reinstatement.

21.06.2016 :

IOC Declaration decides against banning Russia from the 2016 Rio Olympics, ruling that international federations must decide whether individual athletes are clean. RussiaAthletics

27.06.2016 :

FIFA Council appoints normalisation committee to manage Argentinean football after Argentine FA President is charged with fraud.

01.07.2016 :

IAAF decision would allow Yuliya Stepanova to compete as a ‘neutral athlete’; however the IOC asks its Ethics Board for advice. YuliyaStepanova

11.07.2016 :

UKAD confirms it will investigate allegations that Kenyan doctors supplied EPO to British athletes. WADA also confirms that it will investigate the allegations.

18.07.2016 :

Part One of the WADA Independent Person Report complied by Richard McLaren implicates the Russian State in systemic doping. IOC appoints Disciplinary Commission and takes other measures following the release of the Report. National anti-doping organisations (NADOs) later write to IOC urging it to ban Russia. Inconsistencies are highlighted in the Report. A January 2015 letter, written by Dr. Rodchenkov, is later removed from the Report after names and contact details within it are clumsily erased.RichardMcLauren

21.07.2017 :

CAS rejects appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian athletes seeking admission to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

25.07.2016 :

IOC sets Russian participation conditions for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. NADOs express disappointment at IOC’s decision. IOC later confirms 271 Russians can compete at Rio 2016.

01.08.2016 :

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) bans Russia from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

04.08.2016 :

WADA’s former Chief Investigator claims that WADA’s President, Craig Reedie, repeatedly delayed his efforts to investigate Russian doping. Reedie

05.08.2016 :

WADA’s guidance on meldonium & the IOC’s decision regarding Russia combine to create chaos over participation at Rio 2016.

07.08.2016 :

International Paralympic Committee suspends Russian Paralympic Committee, which announces it will appeal. Reinstatement criteria announced in November. Five international experts appointed to assess whether Russia has met the reinstatement criteria.

09.08.2016 :

Documentary alleges sabotage in testing of Alex Schwazer. CAS later dismisses Schwazer’s appeal & imposes eight year ban.

11.08.2016 :

Michael Rotich, manager of the Kenyan Rio 2016 track & field delegation, is placed under police custody after undercover footage shows him offering notification of when doping tests would take place. A second official is later sent home. Rotich is suspended by the IAAF.

12.08.2016 :

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) launches investigation into passport fraud. It suspends Wanderley Santos over use of a fake passport on 2 September and issued sanctions in November. Asian Football Confederation (AFC) charges East Timor in December.AFChouse

18.08.2016 :

Pat Hickey steps aside as President of the European Olympic Committees and President of the Olympic Council of Ireland amid allegations of illegal ticket reselling. Hickey later threatens legal action.

19.08.2016 :

IOC denies that anti-doping at Rio 2016 has been compromised. WADA report later finds ‘serious failings’ with Rio 2016 anti-doping programme.

30.08.2016 :

NADOs propose reforms to strengthen global anti-doping. WADA acknowledge the reforms. NADOs reiterate their proposals in October.

05.09.2016 :

FINA officials resign alleging that their advice on Russia’s participation at the Rio 2016 Olympics was ignored.

13.09.2016 :

Hacking group Fancy Bears accesses WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS). WADA claims attacks emanate from Russia, and athletes defend their reputation. A second attack targets 25 athletes in eight countries. A third attack takes the total to 40 athletes from ten countries. A fourth takes the total to 66 athletes from 16 countries. A fifth leak takes the total number of athletes affected to 107 from 23 countries, competing in 25 sports. It later targets NADOs, but USADA confirms that it did follow up alleged issues highlighted in a 25 November hack. Documents sent to The Sports Integrity Initiative reveal that CCES and USADA planned an appeal against the IOC’s decision not to ban Russia from the 2016 Rio Olympics. A later hack reveals little other than legitimate TUEs. fancybears

14.09.2016 :

Russian cyclists threaten legal action over Rio 2016 ban.

26.09.2016 :

WADA reports 30% increase in TUEs during 2015. Of the 1,330 TUEs reported, 63% (839) come from just three countries.

27.09.2016 :

FA dismiss England manager Sam Allardyce, after he is filmed telling undercover reporters how to get around rules banning third party ownership (TPO) of players.allardyce_may_2015

28.10.2016 :

CONMEBOL launches legal action to reclaim US$18 million paid in commission to International Sports Marketing (ISM) over the last 20 years, which the US Department of Justice allege comprised corrupt payments.

02.11.2016 :

London’s City Hall orders investigation into the financing of the London Olympic Stadium.

16.11.2016 :

IOC President Thomas Bach promises an anti-doping system that is independent from sporting organisations.

17.11.2016 :

Brazilian police arrest ten due to Rio 2016 corruption allegations. Rio2016

17.11.2016 :

St. Petersburg politician arrested on suspicion of Russia 2018 stadium fraud.

18.11.2016 :

Mexican laboratory faces suspension over false positive, which kept an athlete out of Rio 2016. Laboratory later suspended by WADA.

20.11.2016 :

WADA Foundation Board meeting calls for new powers, but fails to address failings in dealing with Russian situation.

29.11.2016 :

IAAF takes over the sanctioning of international athletes for doping, despite a new ARD documentary alleging new levels of complicity in covering up positive doping tests. Athletics Integrity Unit begins recruitment in December.

01.12.2016 :

Spanish police dismantle tennis match-fixing ring. The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) confirmed that it provided information to assist police.

02.12.2016 :

English football sexual abuse scandal now involves 350 people.

09.12.2016 :

Part Two of the WADA IP Report confirms systemic, state sanctioned doping in Russia from 2011 until 2015.

13.12.2016 :

Argentine company admits to role in multi-million international football bribery conspiracy.

13.12.2016 :

Draft Bill proposes forced reform of England’s Football Association.FAlogo

19.12.2016 :

WADA President Craig Reedie says he first became aware of Russian situation in December 2014.

19.12.2016 :

British Cycling questioned by Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the UK Parliament about package delivered to Bradley Wiggins at the end of the 2011 Criterium du Dauphiné. Its claims are later disputed, and Wiggins retires.

21.12.2016 :

Sporting federations begin to move events from Russia, such as the Speed Skating World Cup and the Biathlon World Cup.

23.12.2016 :

IOC starts disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian athletes from Sochi 2014.

28.12.2016 :

RUSADAreportsRUSADA denies recognition of institutional doping in Russia.

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